Ear candles are easy to use. Ensure that the atmosphere in the treatment room is calm and relaxed, to ensure that the ear candle can achieve its full effect. The client can contribute by keeping his/her eyes closed. Prior to beginning the therapy make sure that there are no draughts entering the room, which could interfere with the burning of the ear candle and make the client uncomfortable. Place a glass of water within easy reach, so that when the burning of the candle reaches the specified point just above the red line the remaining part of the ear candle can be extinguished. As a precautionary measure, the area surrounding the ear can be covered with a cloth.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE (as if you were the therapist)

1. Preparation.

The client should lay on his/her side in a comfortable position and perhaps covered with a blanket. Support the head slightly so that the auditory canal is in a vertical position. It is best for you to sit on a chair beside the client's head. To begin the treatment massage the ear gently to relax it. Now light the ear candle at the opposite end to the red printing and marking.

2. Positioning.

With the burning end of the candle away from the ear, fit the ear candle, gently, but firmly into the auditory canal with a gentle twisting movement. The candle is fitted properly when no vapour escapes from between the base of the ear candle and the ear.

3. Therapy.

Hold the ear candle loosely between the forefinger and thumb during the therapy. Avoid squeezing the candle! Keep the ear candle as vertical as possible. The client will experience a pleasant crackling and hissing sound during the burning. In the final phase, the heat flow intensifies producing a comforting and relaxing effect. You will notice that the burned part of the candle does not fall during the burning process.

4. Extinguishing.

Keep the ear candle in place until it has burned down about 2/3 of its length, to 1cm above the red line. No further! Carefully remove the remaining part of the ear candle and extinguish it in the glass of water.

5. Rest Period.

After both ears have been treated, we recommend a rest period of at least 10 -15 minutes. This adds greatly to the overall effect. The client should remain lying down covered with a blanket. At this time, gently massage the ear, face and neck to increase the total effect of the treatment. More information on massaging can be found in the book Ear Candling – In Essence.

6. Examine.

Check both ear canals for any condensate residues. Remove these carefully with an ear cleaner, preferably not a cotton bud! Avoid pushing the residue back into the ear.

This ends the treatment which should leave your client feeling calm, relaxed and revitalised!

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